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Awakenings 2015


Awakenings: a series of live ambient, electronic and experimental music events showcasing new and established acts in the fields of live ambient and electronic music. 

Advance tickets can be purchased online through Paypal, just click on the 'Buy Now' link. 
All prices are in GBP, but you can use any currency as payments are calculated at the current exchange rate. 

The standard ticket price includes a FREE mp3 Virtual Ticket (VT) that will be made available to download shortly after the gig. 
If you only want a virtual ticket click the VT Paypal link. 
Advance tickets (including VTs) will only be available to purchase online until the day before the gig. 
Tickets for those attending will be held on the door. 
Standard and virtual season tickets are available for those who want to attend/get a VT for ALL 2015 performances

Doors at 5:30pm, performances from 6pm except all-dayer, doors 12:30pm for 1:00pm start






Stephan Whitlan, UKKO (Bob Hedger & Andy Bole) and 
Lost Garden (Nick Robinson & Andy Peake)
Saturday 28th March 15
Binar, Bouvetoya and Concept Devices Saturday 4th July 15
VoLt, Booth & Creek and Peter Challoner Saturday 19th September 15
Awakenings All-dayer 2015: 
Afternoon: Glenn Main, Skoulaman, Vince Cory
Evening: Radio Massacre International & Phobos
Saturday 17th October 30
Baltes & Erbe, Modulator ESP & Monkey Trial Saturday 21st November 15
Awakenings 2015 Season Ticket - including special extras!!
(only available until 28th March)
All 2015 performances 80

Click on a performer to link to their website or the performers link for further details. 

performers at Awakenings

Artists interested in performing should contact Phil Booth  
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